Zen Chi Relaxiciser Mk4


Zen Chi Relaxiciser Mk4

Celebrating 15 years with over one million happier, healthier people! 


Experience the Benefits of Zen chi 
Recommended by health practitioners, the Zen Chi was developed to enhance your existing routine and create a path to a healthier lifestyle. Everybody can now enjoy the beneficial effects of energy stimulating and balancing exercise. 

Body Mechanics 

Muscular and Skeletal Effect 

Zen Chi’s unique wave like motion will assist to reinstate the body’s equilibrium; working on the anatomical structure the movement sends a balance energy wave from the feet to the head, this movement replicates the effects of ancient healing and energy stimulating methods such as pulsing, tai Chi and Yoga. The wave motion allows the body to release both muscular and emotional tension in turn assisting 

Relieving the symptoms of: 

  • Back Pain – including sciatica
  • Muscle tension
  • Lethargy
  • Mental and physical stress and tension
  • Restless legs

Go with the Flow 

Chi Principle 
The non-invasive and relaxing movement of the Zen chi has the same effect as acupuncture/ acupressure and other forms of massage the Zen chi works on the Chinese philosophy of body meridians. The movement frees up the blocked energy and enhances the feeling of wellbeing, The elevation of feet Combined with the pulsing movement will stimulate venous and lymphatic return whilst having an overall effect on the digestive process. 

This movement will assist to stimulate:   
  • Energy
  • Weight Loss
  • Digestion
  • Circulation



Simply rest your ankles in the cradle, relax and concentrate on your breath set the timer to 5 minutes, the machine will oscillate gently from side to side sending a relaxing wave threw the body the more you are able to relax the greater the movement this motion will work its way to the neck in turn relaxing all muscles you will feel your body releasing resistance to the movement. At the end of a session being a maximum of 15 minutes stay lying for one minute you will experience an invigorating sensation state of wellbeing. 

If zen chi does not make a difference in your life return within 40 days for your money back.


Note: Colour and Model may vary depending on availability.

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