Koowheel 2nd Gen Kooboard Electric Longboard + Accessories!

Koowheel 2nd Gen Kooboard Electric Longboard + Accessories!


Introducing the most advancedKoowheel electric skateboard to date the Gen 2 Kooboard is EFFICIENT and FAST! 

We are the only distributor in Australia selling the Kooboard with all of the accessories listed below at this great price! 

Product Features

  • SUPER EFFICIENT - With dual custom made 350W brushless motors, the Kooboard by Koowheel gives you more time to ride with a range of up to 30-35 km per charge and a top speed of up to 42 kph!

  •  FAST CHARGING - The Kooboard takes only 2 hours to reach a full charge, meaning more riding, more fun and less waiting! The Kooboard is also designed with easy to replace battery packs. Order some extra to cover some serious distance, or just have one charging while you're out riding.

  • ADAPTIVE BRAKING - Take your finger off the trigger for a true freewheel skateboard experience! The Kooboards descend speeds are only limited by you applying the adaptive braking this system. This system is not only energy efficient but a great safety feature as you can limit speed without having to power slide or wearing out your favourite pair of sneakers.

  • BLUETOOTH REMOTE - Effortlessly control your speed and brakes with the Bluetooth enabled remote. The Kooboard's incredibly ergonomic Bluetooth remote cradles in your hand allowing sensitive acceleration, freewheeling or activation of the adaptive regenerative braking system.

Built for Skaters

Now you can cruise up 25 degree inclines with no trouble!

The Kooboard has big 97mm longboard wheels to glide over any pavement. And provide a crazy smooth ride! 

With optional LED SAFETY LIGHTS to keep you seen during those epic night sessions.

Don't ever worry about finding replacements for those worn Kooboard Rear Wheel Skins. We've got your spares covered. Just send us a message and we'll sort you out! 

Accessories Package Includes

1 x Koowheel 2ng Gen Kooboard & User Manual

2 x Koowheel 2nd Gen Kooboard Batteries! 

1 x Charger, Plug and DC adapter

1 x Bluetooth Remote & USB Cable

1 x T Tool

2 x Extra Rear Wheels


 Range 30-35 kilometers / 18.6-21.7 miles
Top Speed 42 kmh / 26 mph
Maximum Incline 25 Degrees
Weight 7.7 kg / 16.9 lbs
Size 920 x 240 x 120 mm
Max Weight Capacity 130kg / 286 lbs
Battery Capacity 4300 mAh
Battery Type 24V Lithium Battery
Charging Time 2 Hours
Cycle Life Above 1650 cycles
Motor Type Custom Brushless Motor
Motor Power Dual-Motor 700W (350W Per Motor)
Wheel Size / Hardness 97 x 52 mm / 80A
Remote Capacity 3.85V / 400 mAh
Remote Battery Lithium Battery
Charge Time 2 Hours

1 Year Mechanical & Electrical