Nuke Wooden Electric Longboard

Nuke Wooden Electric Longboard

Light, fast and agile. The perfect combination for a great electric longboard.  

Product Features

  • GO ANYWHERE FAST! - Get around with incredible ease and speed on the dual brushless motors with a combined 1800W of power you can reach speeds of up to 28 kmh / 17.3 mph.
  • BUILT TO LAST - Durable multi-layered maple for a super strong longboard, able to withstand the demands of daily riding over rough urban terrain. We made sure to design the board with vehicle-grade durability in mind. Ride with confidence that the Nuke Longboard is built to last!
  • BLUETOOTH REMOTE - Effortlessly control your speed and brakes with the Bluetooth enabled remote. Two-speed settings of 20 kmh / 12.5mph and 28 kmh / 17.3 mph mean that you have full control at all times.
  • RELIABLE BATTERIES - We use the very best 8800MAH 24V batteries to ensure peak charge and discharge rates for your safety and to ensure a reliable enjoyable ride every time.
  • FAST CHARGING - The Nuke Longboard takes only 2 hours to reach a full charge, travel up to 12 miles on one battery charge! More riding, more fun and less waiting!


 Range 20 kilometers / 12.5 miles
Top Speed 28 kmh / 17.3 mph
Weight 6.8 kg / 15 lbs
Size 920 x 240 x 120 mm
Board Materials 2 Layers of Maple Wood
Battery Capacity 8800 mAh
Battery Type 24V Lithium Battery
Charging Time 2 Hours
Cycle Life Above 1000 cycles
Motor Type Brushless Out-Runner Belt Transfer Motor
Motor Power Dual-Motor 900W Each
Wheel Size / Hardness 83 x 52 mm / 80A
Remote Capacity 3.85V / 400 mAh
Remote Battery Lithium Battery
Charge Time 2 Hours
Package Size 950 x 330 x 210 mm 
Package Weight 8.5 kg / 18.7 lbs