Nuke Folding Electric Skateboard

Nuke Folding Electric Skateboard

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Product Features

  • ULTRA PORTABLE FOLDING BOARD - Now you can take your board anywhere! The Nuke is lightweight and foldable making it one of the most innovative boards on today’s market. It's  incredibly easy to fold the Nuke down for easy storage; throw it in a packsack when you're not using it and take it out when its time to ride!

  • GO ANYWHERE FAST! - Get around with incredible ease and speed on the dual brushless motors featured in the Nuke.  Powered via twin 700W brushless hub motors Nukes powerful core drives will launch you up inclines of 20 degrees with ease. Prepare yourself to be propelled on the flats from a standing start to cruising speeds of 35kph.

  • BUILT TO LAST - Nukes impact resistant exoskeleton is engineered using materials able to withstand the demands of daily riding over rough urban terrain. We made sure to design the board with vehicle-grade durability in mind. Ride with confidence that the Nuke skateboard is built to last!

  • SUPER EFFICIENT - Energy generated when braking and freewheeling on the Nuke is stored as additional battery charge so propulsion can last over 3 hours on a single charge. If you ever find yourself far from home and out of charge you can push shove like a tradition skateboard without any additional resistance or take an easy to change spare battery with you.   

  • FAST CHARGINGThe Nuke electric skateboard takes only 2.5 hours to reach a full charge, meaning more riding, more fun and less waiting! The Nuke also uses incredibly efficient bearings helping you travel up to 18.5 kilometres on one battery charge!

  • ADAPTIVE BRAKING - Take your finger off the trigger for a true freewheel skateboard experience! Nukes descend speeds are only limited by you applying the adaptive braking this system. This system is not only energy efficient but a great safety feature as you can limit speed without having to power slide or wearing out your favourite pair of sneakers.

  • BLUETOOTH REMOTE - Effortlessly control your speed and brakes with the Bluetooth enabled remote. Nukes ergonomic Bluetooth remote cradles in your hand allowing sensitive acceleration, freewheeling or activation of the adaptive regenerative braking system.

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Product Specifications

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